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At Amplified Live - March 27, 2022

By: Metal Dave


   It might have been a Sunday night in Dallas but that didn’t detour Wednesday 13 fans from crowding into the Amplified Live venue’s inside stage. It’s been almost 3 years since the band last came through north Texas when they were on tour with Static-X but now, celebrating 20 years of a solo career they are back and headlining their own "20 Years of Fear" tour.


   Kicking things off was the Dallas gothic/metal vampire themed band “EVA KORA”. This female fronted band featured not one but two vocalists. Primary singer Sherry Lenox graced the stage in her Elvira styled outfit taunting the crowd with her vocal style that had a clean yet seductive flair to it. The second vocalist, Kiana Lozano, has a death metal guttural vocal style that complemented the sound well to give it a heavier edge. Their main mic stand featured two IV bags filled with blood bags and tubes that wrapped around the stand itself. I approved of that.


   Eva Kora proceeded to blast through a good 7 song set gracefully. They maintained the crowd's attention with their great energy throughout the entire horror metal set. Memorable moments was when they played their songs “Blood” and “BTW”. Definitely look them up online and get a taste of this vampire gothic metal band from Dallas and let us know what you think.


   Next up was the American witch metal band from Dallas known only as “Midnight Murder Show”. Before they could start their first song they fogged the stage with a thick layer of smoke to create a nice creepy visual atmosphere. I’m not exactly sure how to pin their exact genre of music but I can say there was definitely a hard gothic industrial style going on with some metal influences. I’d definitely give them a watch/listen for their uniqueness and stage presence. The crowd was mesmerized by their music as they banged their way through their set.


   Then came the band everyone was waiting for. Curious fans awaited as the stage was cleared and prepped for the arrival of Wednesday 13. When the lights finally went down the band hit the stage ferociously and they kicked off their set with an older song that set the tone for what was to come. They began with “Scream Baby Scream” from the 2008 album “Skeletons”. This song was obviously a crowd favorite as I watched the fans sing along to every word. Singer Wednesday 13 screamed lively wearing his dark sunglasses and outlaw cowboy hat.


   They ended up covering damn near at least a song or two from most of the solo albums throughout his career. What the crowd may not have expected was when he asked them to join him in paying tribute to Joey Jordison and then busted out some classic “Murderdolls” songs including “Nowhere, Die My Bride, Summertime Suicide and 197666”. This band was on fire during their set. If that didn’t please the crowd enough they also played “RAMBO” from the old “Frankenstein Drag Queens From Planet 13” days. Definitely a catchy song if you’ve never heard it.


   Everyone including the crowd was giving 100%. Just when it seemed things were about to end is when they played the classic song everyone had been waiting for with “Bad Things”. When that guitar intro started the crowd went crazy and a pit began at the same time. The crowd was singing the words and banging their heads joyfully with Wednesday 13. After he finished “Bad Things” he walked off the stage but the band did not. Was there more? Yes, there was. There definitely was one more song to be played before the night ended. That song was “I Love To Say Fuck”. Wednesday 13 reappeared on the stage donning a black umbrella with a huge middle finger printed on it while screaming the words “I love to say fuck” over and over. It was a great way to end the night.


   Overall, this is a great show and fun tour. It has just begun so the odds are good they haven’t hit your city yet. Definitely jump on that and go check them out especially if you’ve been a longtime fan. There’s something for everybody. Is there new material coming? We’re not exactly sure but this show wasn’t about that. This was more less a celebration of the career of Wednesday 13 and all his other bands. I give this show 2 horns up with a big recommendation. So don’t wait for tickets to sell out. Grab yours now and get ready for a fun and wild time.

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