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At The Factory, Dallas, TX - October 25, 2022

By: Metal Dave


     It may of taken over 20 years but finally the US got a Mercyful Fate tour. With support from Midnight and Kreator, fans from all over rejoiced in this triumphant return and it’s about damn time. You may wonder does the King still deliver? The answer is Hell Yes he does and we got to see him on the first night of the new US tour in Dallas, Texas at The Factory.

     The place was packed out with fans. The merch line seemed to always be long and for good reason as the merch this tour was solid. It was not just a concert but a dream come true for a lot of us. One of those you just had to be their scenario’s to really understand. It really reminded me of seeing him many many years ago.

     Mercyful Fate’s stage setup was bad ass too. In true King Diamond fashion it was a big setup with a cathedral style. It didn’t matter where you were at, you could see King as he cross crossed all over that stage. They kicked off their set with the classic “The Oath” and the crowd went crazy. I couldn’t help but jump into the pit and be a part of that action. Fans sung the lyrics and banged heads as they performed such classics as “Melissa, Curse of the Pharaohs, Come to the Sabbath and many more”.

     It definitely felt like the band hadn’t aged at at all. They were on the top of their game. Hank Sherman never missed a lick. King’s vocals were magnificent. The fans, the band, it was all on fire. One can only hope we get a live album out of this tour. I’d buy it.

     If you haven’t followed or subscribed to their pages then please do so and see if they’re coming to your town. If you’re not in the US then have no fear cause Mercyful Fate is also playing some Festival dates later this year. You don’t want to miss this tour. Trust me. It’s one hell of an experience.

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