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Cannibal Corpse
At Amplified Live, Dallas / March 2022
By: Metal Dave

     Before I begin, let me just say if you don’t know who Cannibal Corpse is then you need to stop what you’re doing, go online or to your favorite record store and grab their latest album “VIOLENCE UNIMAGINED” from Metal Blade Records right now.

     The Dallas show at Amplified Live was completely sold out. I arrived maybe half an hour before the first band “Shadow of Intent” hit the stage. I witnessed a packed parking lot and a line that wrapped all over that freaking place. These fans are devoted as hell to wait that long line out.

     Tech death band “Shadow Of Intent” hit the stage first and the crowd had no complaints. They came out the gates on fire. They started off with “Barren and Restless Macrocosm” from their 2019 album “Melancholy”. The album version features Trevor Strnad (singer of The Black Dahlia Murder) on the track. The majority of the crowd definitely knew this song which led to a sweet ass mosh pit.

     They finished their six song set with “Blood in the Sands of Time” off their latest 2022 album “Elegy”. The album version of that track features “Chuck Billy” vocalist of Testament. It was a great way to end their set. The crowd was pumped and ready for the next band.

     Boston tech death band “Revocation” hit the stage next. At this point the place was already packed. They opened up with “Madness Opus” from the 2014 album “Deathless”. It is a banger. Perfect way to make the crowd start getting back into the groove.

     They had a six song set but what a set it was. The drops they had in their set went super hard and got very intense at times. They were definitely a crowd favorite as well. I mean the entire lineup is straight up brutal as hell. They ended their set with “Communion” from the 2016 album “Great is our Sin”. That song is definitely in my top 5 of theirs for sure. 

     What can be said about the third act Knoxville’s deathcore band “Whitechapel” that hasn’t been said before? These guys have been kicking ass on the stage since 2006. To see them with Cannibal Corpse was a great mix. They opened up with the song “Brimstone” off their 2019 album “The Valley”. The energy level went sky high. Vocalist Phil Bozeman screamed his f’ing brains out and the crowd roared right back. 

     They ripped through an eleven song set that concluded with one of their best songs “The Saw is the Law” off their 2014 album “Our Endless War”. There’s no doubt this band never disappoints their fans. They went hard and warmed the stage up for the final act.

     Last was “Cannibal Corpse” but before they could take to the stage a chant began in the crowd. Everyone was chanting “Fuck Chris Barnes” repeatedly. If you don’t know why, do yourself a favor and google that for some entertainment. Alas, Cannibal Corpse steps onto the stage and the crowd is like a bunch of rabid vicious animals. They kicked off their set with “The Time to Kill is Now” off their 2006 album titled “Kill”. 

     The crowd surfing and mosh pit began almost immediately. Vocalist George “Corpsegrinder” Fisher was either singing or headbanging the entire time. I don’t think I ever saw him do anything else. That guy is a machine. Bassist Alex Webster was also banging the hell out of his head while playing his bass like a metal pro. Drummer Paul Mazurkiewicz was covered up by his huge drum kit. I couldn’t see him very well but I could hear him and he didn’t miss a beat. Dude is a beast. Guitarist Rob Barrett and Erik Rutan played their asses off too. They made it look so simple but Cannibal Corpse is far from a simple band.

     Lots of hits were played. The entire set was filled with everything you’d expect including songs like “Fucked with a Knife, Devoured By Vermin, A Skull Full of Maggots, The Wretched Spawn and Stripped, Raped and Strangled” just to name a few. And what better way to end this awesome night of metal but with their classic song “Hammer Smashed Face”. Arguably their biggest song to date. Cannibal Corpse has been around for 34 years and they still play like they did in the 90’s only faster and harder.

     They also always have the best merch at a metal show. The merch line stayed busy as hell the entire night. Speaking of that, if you haven’t done so yet, make sure to grab their latest album “Violence Unimagined” from Metal Blade Records ASAP. It’s a beast of an album. One of their best. If Cannibal Corpse ever comes to your town I highly recommend you waste no time buying tickets and getting to the show early cause they can pack a venue. 


Cannibal Corpse
At House of Blues Dallas / November 2022
By: Metal Dave


      When death metal band Cannibal Corpse came to perform at the House of Blues in Dallas, TX on November 29th you’d believe it was sold out. Fans packed the venue and excitement levels were extremely high. The merch line was steady and the merch itself was a bloody mix of awesomeness as always. They even had Cannibal Corpse coffee for sell.
      I’m sure you’ve been seeing the flyers for this show everywhere lately and for good reason. This current tour has been selling out tons of dates along the way. With support from Black Anvil, Immolation and Dark Funeral that’s no surprise. It is one hell of a lineup.
      At the show right before Cannibal Corpse hit the stage everyone was waiting with anticipation. When the lights went down the fans cheered and scream loudly as the silhouettes of the band hit the stage. When the lights came back on you could see these skinned bloody faces hanging from the amps. Then the band started their set and everything got crazy.
       They kicked off the night with “Scourge of Iron” from 2012’s Torture album. As vocalist George “Corpsegrinder” Fisher hammered his deep vocals to the crowd a mosh pit erupted almost immediately. Fans screamed along the lyrics throwing devil horns at the band.
      Cannibal Corpse then followed that up with such classics as “The Time to Kill is Now” and “F*cked With a Knife”. They definitely gave the fans an amazing set. The songs performed covered their entire catalog.
      They also saved the best for the end of the night. Things kicked off at a high and definitely ended in one as well. The night concluded with the songs “A Skull Full of Maggots” “Stripped, Raped and Strangled” and of course “Hammer Smashed Face”. It was an epic ending and was not disappointing at all.
      Their latest album “Violence Unimagined” from Metal Blade Records is available on all streaming platforms and at a metal record store near you. Catch these guys coming to your town and follow them online for all updates. If they’re near you don’t hesitate to buy those tickets because they keep selling out venues like the metal gods they are. Cheers.

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