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The Factory, Dallas, TX

By: Metal Dave


    Season Of Mist artist Heilung concluded their North American tour last night in Dallas, Texas at The Factory. The line to get into the venue wrapped around many blocks of the entertainment district known as Deep Ellum. The show was to begin at 8pm but thankfully it got pushed closer to 9pm due to the amount of fans outside waiting to get inside. Once inside the fans were making animal calls like wolves in the night.

     Heilung, which means “healing” in German, can best be described as an experimental folk band but unlike most typical bands what they provide is more of an experience. Their music is based off of text and inscriptions from the Viking age, Iron Age and Bronze Age. Currently on tour for their latest album “Drif” the stage setting held a tone of a primal atmosphere.

    The show kicked off as members formed a circle for their opening ceremony as they smudged the stage. Not long after that the rattling of bones and stomping of spears began to fill the venue. Fans looked towards the stage in a memorized state. What followed was an amazing set of songs that covered their discography.

    The show had a high production value from the costumes, the set design and instruments. The instruments themselves appeared as if they were hand made. From the clacking of bones to the banging of animalistic drums it all made for some highly unique sounds. It was if one traveled back in time to celebrate an ancient culture that today is mostly all but forgotten. Without a doubt it is easily one of the best shows I’ve ever witnessed.

     If I may make one recommendation for you I’d would say go to your favorite streaming platform and listen to the latest Heilung album and then backtrack. The best way to listen to them for me is buying the vinyls and turning out all the lights, let the sounds fill your home. It won’t quite be like seeing them live but it’s the closest you will get for now till they return to the states. In the meantime, don’t forget to check out the Season Of Mist website for all your Heilung needs plus their large roster of other artists.

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